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Stamped Concrete Patio Installation, Beachscape, Tropical Plants Project Newington, CT

We transformed this back yard into a TROPICAL OAIS! To achieve this look we did the following:

  • 600 sq’ stamped concrete patio with a Italian Slate Textured skin.
  • Landscaped the slope / beds with a mixture of native flowers along with over 12 species of exotic topicals.
  • we then created a 1,500 sq’ beach, constructed with under drains to eliminate water and allow for drainage, ensuring the design lasts.
  • we used 3 different sized washed river gravel to for the decorative stone beds / decorative run off swale.
  • Followed by 2,000 sq’ sod installation on 12 yards of screened top soil.
  • We then decorate with our wooden tropical boxes with various tropical species and topped it off with a nice shade sail!

We have included some photos from this project below. You can click any of the thumbnails below to launch the slideshow.