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Decorative Concrete Disclosure

Throughout the years we have noticed a common theme that can arise  on many of our residential projects.  The lack of engineering and proper soil testing/ knowledge of existing conditions on many residential projects can create issues with costly change work orders along with unforeseen delays.  Also the lack of professional design and consultation to educate customers can create issues when these situations arise most often due to your average homeowner not having the knowledge and experience needed to truly grasp the situation and understand the process involved in rectifying unforeseen site conditions.  These issues are worked out by professional designers, engineers and architects on most commercial projects along with large-scale residential work that most of the time will eliminate these issues.  We believe a similar process should go into our detailed structural projects.

We can provide in-house design and consultation that can greatly alleviate these issues.  By approaching our projects with professional design and consultations we have the ability to do basic site/ soil tests to help determine what we will be running into once we break ground along with true/ accurate existing elevations and site conditions.  When incorporating this data into our preliminary designs we can assess what will be the right features/ systems to incorporate into your design.  Once you see our report/ preliminary design it will be much easier for you to make the educated decisions needed in creating your own personal oasis.  This Data will also give us the ability to provide the most accurate take off/ material quantity/ sq’ allotments possible ultimately avoiding unforeseen extra expense and delays.

We will also be able to provide accurate pricing for the unexpected,  Then estimate the probability that we will incur any of these issues along with a back up plan to address these issues.  The cost of this service is typically less expensive than the smallest change work order and can help our customers be a part of the process along with being completely educated of the work being performed on their property reducing the stressful unknowns along with keeping the project on schedule.

Sealer / Maintenance: Sealer is highly recommended to be applied to all completed decorative protects as it helps to lock the coloring into the concrete, along with protecting it from weather conditions and foot traffic / basic wear and tear. Sealer also helps to prevent water from penetrating the surface which causes premature deterioration. We use Butterfields 3500 Cure and Seal Acrylic Sealer on all of our projects and per manufacturer’s suggestion, first applications must be applied in thin coats to allow the concrete to continue to cure. It is then suggested that this product is re-applied within six months of original application, or before the winter, to ensure that your project has sufficient and complete coverage. You will need to continue with a sealer application every 2-3 years.