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Connecticut Winter Plant Storage | Winterize Palm Trees & Tropical Plants

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Coastal Creations LLC is New England’s only “No Kill Palm and Tropical Broker’s”.  This means our whole system has been developed to avoid killing and throwing our beauties away at the end of the season.  We do not believe that living things, that have taken years to grow, should be simply regarded as throw aways. We have worked throughout the years to build a sustainable program that allows our customers to enjoy Tropical CT products at an affordable rate and to provide an education system that will help everyone who invests the time to keep their tropicals happy and healthy for years to come.

One of the most important  aspects in our  groundbreaking system is the professional winter storage we provide. With the ability to send our products back to our farm in South Florida we utilize the abundance of natural sunlight / water and overall ideal tropical climate to allow our tropicals to rejuvenate and thrive in nature. By embracing nature we are not only able to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our system but also reduce the costs associated with heating commercial greenhouse’s.  Ultimately passing these savings to our customers with less expensive winter storage rates along with not having to buy new products every year.

Some of the most popular tropicals like Christmas Palms( Adonidia) and Green Maylayan Coconut Palms do not like being in a greenhouse over winter as they are extremely temperamental and the heat, natural sunlight, and overall tropical climate that are needed for success are not easily attainable in a greenhouse. This can be comparable to trying to keep a wild/ exotic animal in a cage,  they will always do better and thrive in nature where they feel at home.  By selectively over wintering specific species that thrive in greenhouse conditions and our ability to ship back the species that will not, we greatly reduce our overhead by cutting our fuel, labor, water and direct operating expenses through the utilization of our vast experience and extensive infrastructure.

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