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Coastal Creations are swimming pool patio deck builders serving Madison, CT and surrounding towns in Middlesex County. We specialize in designing and constructing outdoor spaces around swimming pools, providing functional and aesthetically pleasing areas for relaxation, entertainment, and recreation. Here’s an overview of our services:

  1. Consultation and Design:
    • Collaborating with clients to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and budget for the pool deck.
    • Offering design expertise to create layouts that maximize space utilization, complement the pool design, and enhance the overall landscape.
  2. Material Selection:
    • Assisting clients in choosing suitable materials for the pool deck, such as concrete, pavers, natural stone.
    • Providing guidance on the pros and cons of each material in terms of durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Site Preparation:
    • Assessing the site and preparing the area for construction, including excavation, grading, and leveling to ensure proper drainage and stability.
    • Taking into account factors such as soil conditions, slope, and proximity to the pool.
  4. Construction and Installation:
    • Building the pool deck according to the approved design, using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
    • Installing support structures, such as footings, beams, and joists, to ensure structural integrity and stability.
    • Laying the chosen decking material in the desired pattern or configuration, whether it’s poured concrete, interlocking pavers, or wooden planks.
  5. Safety Features:
    • Incorporating safety features into the pool deck design, such as non-slip surfaces, handrails, and safety gates, to prevent accidents and injuries.
  6. Customization and Enhancements:
    • Offering options for customization, such as decorative borders, inlays, or medallions, to add visual interest and personalization to the pool deck.
    • Integrating features like built-in seating, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of the space.
  7. Finishing Touches:
    • Applying sealants, stains, or coatings to protect the pool deck from water damage, UV exposure, and wear and tear.
    • Adding finishing touches such as lighting, landscaping, and outdoor furniture to create a cohesive and inviting outdoor environment.
  8. Maintenance and Care:
    • Providing guidance on proper maintenance practices to preserve the appearance and longevity of the pool deck.
    • Offering cleaning, sealing, and repair services as needed to address wear and tear or damage over time.
  9. Permits and Regulations:
    • Obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, and safety standards.
  10. Customer Satisfaction:
    • Ensuring that the final result meets or exceeds the client’s expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Coastal Creations offers expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Our swimming pool patio deck builders in Madison, CT can create stunning outdoor living spaces that enhance the beauty and value of residential and commercial properties. You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews. You can contact us today at (860) 716-5961 to schedule a quick no-cost estimate or consultation!